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02 April 2008 @ 10:52 am
Firan: Props for War Season  
I never followed up on my / posts. In short, war went amazingly well. The new combat system had some glitches in it but I resolved the biggest ones. The Firans managed -- through cleverness, perseverance, unity, and sacrifice -- to fight their way to and over the walls of Ellish, which is once again Firan-occupied.

One player had this to say:

So most people know I've been kicking around a while (although how long is now the subject of intense log searching, but I think I can document at least Oct. 1999. Sadly that was 2 computers and 4 hard drives ago ;) ) and that I've been to my fair share of war seasons.

Early on I was very critical of efforts because of the years at war season, having died there and been generally frustrated with 2.0 for years. But I had a long talk with Adam and thought about why I felt that way. I gave it my full effort, gave all the advice I could think of, and worked to give it as much an effort as staff. I expected it to be some better, but not fantastic.

I was wrong.

Literally the week war started I was in Arizona doing large scale medieval combat with full tactics, and when I came to War on Firan I was amazed: They had the same level of tactics, the same level of strategy. Firan even had more because of the orders channels, allowing synchronized movements. We had flankers, we had ambushes, we had bloody lines.

I told Adam and I say it now that every doubt I had was blasted away at the first battle I did (Gully). The war staff worked a miracle, a God's honest miracle, in crafting 3.0. And I truly believe 100 percent that 3.0 is the closest representation of real tactical combat possible in a text-based medium. The only way to get better is to break out the miniatures, and while that is strategic it sucks to be 'Infantryman #10- 30 points'.

This was the best season ever, even with the losses (I cried. A lot). It was amazing, and I am in awe of the OOC code work and the IC Leadership. We did something I never thought I would see /ever/. Taking Ellish felt like a victory we bought with sweat and blood, and it was great.

Absolutely brilliant.

So, things went very well.
Kristin: Ren Fairesnarlingbadger on April 2nd, 2008 07:21 pm (UTC)
Well said, huzzah!