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21 June 2010 @ 11:01 pm
Caldera: Personalities  
I took a shot at creating a couple notable people you might bump into on the crowded streets of Caldera. I borrow from mearls's excellent Stat Blocks for Roleplaying article for describing these NPCs.

Senator Urilliam Trovani

The Trovanis of Caste Arima are the most powerful family in the city. Urilliam is the head of the Urilliam family, and the most powerful leader in the senate. He is 78 years old, but in good health, and still considered very attractive.

Key traits: Calm, confident, savvy, funny
Goal: Prevent political change that diminish his power or his family's
Motivation: Believes he has a god-given right to lead the city; wants to leave his grandchildren in power
Fears: Being overthrown or killed by his son Yeraldius; getting punished for corruption
Weaknesses: Easily manipulated by his young relatives; greedy

Level 14
Alignment: Unaligned
HP 20
Str 7, Dex 10, Con 10, Wis 16, Int 12, Cha 20
Diplomacy +23, Intimidate +23, Bluff +23, Insight +21

While Urilliam himself is not much of a fighter anymore, he is nearly always accompanied by a retinue of a dozen or two dozen clients, many of whom are (or were) veteran soldiers. When he is not doing city business, he has his two bodyguards with him (each a 15th level elite soldier).

Naleia Ganter

The Ganters of Caste Benevor are an incredibly wealthy merchant family who make their fortune off textiles and paper. Naleia is the head of the Ganter family. She has a very friendly outward appearance, but she can be brutal and unforgiving when she takes action. Rumor has it that she killed her husband to take control of the family, but the truth is she loved him very much and they shared control as equals. Since his death two years ago, she's become more vicious.

Key traits: Unpredictable, vengeful, ostentatious
Goal: Get Senator Urilliam Trovani in her pocket
Motivation:Relax trading laws that hold back her family business
Fears: Her children coming to harm, being blamed for her husband's death
Weaknesses: Makes rash decisions when angry, overprotective of her children

Level 8
Alignment: Unaligned
HP 35
Str 12, Dex 16, Con 15, Wis 14, Int 12, Cha 16
Diplomacy +14, Intimidate +10, Bluff +14, Insight +18

I realize these aren't complete stat blocks. They're really not set up as combat encounters, but more for social encounters. Also, I hand-waved the stats. I need to revisit them and properly vet them.

ext_37604 on June 25th, 2010 06:44 pm (UTC)
Hmmm…it would be interesting to take these kinds of characters and give them skill-related abilities akin to the combat-related attacks and powers that standard monsters have. Something to make them stand out form the hoi-paloi in social situations beyond their high skill numbers. Something indicative of their preferred tactics and strengths as figures of influence.